All of the olive oil producers that we work with are passionate about their olive oils and how they are produced. These artisan producers and small farmers are always striving to produce an extra virgin olive oil with the best taste and aroma that they can make from the particular variety of olives that they grow and harvest on their land.

We aim to have at our Academy producers whose olive oil comes from single estates and as consequence of this most of our producers make at least one single olive variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the variety depending on which area of the Mediterranean they are located. Their blended oils are also made from local varieties and they are rarely made up of more than two or three cultivars per oil. Also as the producers mainly use organic and or biodynamic methods of production the quantity of olive oil can vary significantly from year to year affecting the taste and colour but they always aim to keep their oils of a very high quality as standard, the subtle differences making each years olive oil unique. 

Olivaverde working together with the Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy aims to get these small artisan producers and their work known to a wider public helping them to promote their fantastic olive oils and also showing a better and more sustainable way of eating and leaving.


Olio Poldo began as a company specialising in the design and care of green areas, from private gardens to various kinds of groves. In 2012 the owner, moved by his great love and passion for the olive oil sector, decided to take over the family olive grove and start making a premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

Their olive groves are located on the lovely and flourishing hilltop area of Castelfidardo, in the Marche Region of Italy, and consists of four award winning mono cultivars – Raggia, Leccino, Coratina and Picholinne – each of which have won international competitions over many years included a mention by the prestigious Gambero Rosso. High quality is their strength and passion and they are focused on reaching out to customers that share their passion and interest in the properties and benefits of this amazing product.


Ta Matti extra virgin olive oil is produced by Jo and Carmen in the beautiful area of Madliena on the island of Malta.

The olive oil is produced from several different varieties of olives present on their land and they also grow the indigenous Bidni Maltese olive variety which is also starting to be cultivated extensively in many areas across the Island as the appetite for good olives oils grows on the island.

Ta Matti olive oil is spicy with hints of citrus and is one of the best Maltese olive oils we have tied over many years of coming to Malta.

At the moment Ta Matti olive oil is only produced in relatively small quantities but Jo and Carmen will be planting more indigenous Maltese olive varieties over the next few years.


Museo extra virgin olive oil is produced near the town of Escóznar which belongs to the municipality of Íllora about ten kilometres west of the Moorish city of Granada, in the valley area at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Production began in 1984, when the Morales family with more than 40 years of experience in the growing and harvesting sector designed an ambitious industrial project that would allow it to unite its production of olives with the production, packaging and commercialisation of its fine olive oil. 

Museo extra virgin olive oil is noted for its aromatic intensity, with fruit and vegetable notes of green leaves, fresh grass and tomatoes. It also has touches of banana and almonds in its taste and aroma.

In the mouth the oil emphasises a range of fruity aromas, and is both light with a slight bitterness, and above all it is a very balanced extra virgin olive oil, typical of the fine olive oils that this region of Spain produces.


This intensely green Extra virgin olive oil "KORE" is the result of great passion for genuine sicilian tastes and pure flavours. The olive oil is a blend of Moresca and Biancolilla cultivar from the Noto Valley in southern Sicily. Every year the blend is adjusted by taking into consideration the variations of the climate and characteristics of the harvest to produce the highest quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

Kore is milled right after the harvest in an extraordinary state of the art olive mill using a two-phase operation and bottled after natural sedimentation.  In 2018 the producer  was been awarded two gold stars for "KORE" at the Great Taste Awards in the UK confirming their efforts to create great products together with great people. The founder of Tasting Sicily and producer of the KORE extra virgin olive oil Salvatore Romano can be seen with friends, neighbours and family at the olive harvest near his village in this excellent video.


Having started lift as a general trade business, MS has since specialized in food and drinks, predominantly from Cyprus and Greece. Today, the firm supplies its quality food products to restaurants, hotels, delicatessens, and wholesalers, among many others.


Currently, the firm’s flagship product is Greek Extra Virgin olive oil from Laconia, Peloponnese and Crete. It is produced from the first pressing of the olives; it is created under cold pressure conditions, strict supervision and high quality control according to the European specifications to ensure quality.


Quality is paramount for clients, and as such MS ensures this by only supplying certificated products. These certificates, alongside the high quality standards the firm demands of every supplier, ensure high taste and nutritional value for every product MS provides.


Azienda Agricola Tomassetti is a small olive oil and wine producer located in the Marche region of eastern Italy and their olive groves are all situated near the beautiful Adriatic coast. They have been making fine extra virgin olive oil for many years and have sold the majority of their oil to local customers and business clients in this area of Italy. 

As well as mainly producing a fine blended olive oil they also make a monovarietal olive oil from the Raggia olive variety which is especially suited to their area and grows extremely well near to the coast.  Currently they are planning to increase the amount of olive oil they can produce in the future as the demand for all their olive oils is growing rapidly especially among private clients and also the many excellent restaurants in their part of Marche.

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