The Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy is an exciting new project involving artisan olive oil producers from olive oil producing countries across the Mediterranean region. Our purpose in our setting up the academy is to educate and inform consumers who are passionate about extra virgin olive oil of a better way to purchase, taste, appreciate and use fine extra virgin olive oils that are produced in countries in the Mediterranean region.

The region has been the site of olive oil production for many hundreds of years and some sites that have been uncovered show olive oil has been produced for over several thousand years and we intend to carry on with the important work of promoting and educating the general public and professionals in the field.

Olive oil appreciation classes and tours is a rapidly growing market and we are very pleased to have been involved in this field for many years and see the new academy as being another step in growing this fascinating and important field.

The academy organises educational workshops and specialist courses for professionals who are involved in the field of organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oil production in both Europe and from olive oil producing countries across the world. Our current range of courses, workshops and tours are held in Malta, eastern and central regions of Italy and in Sicily, we are have plans to set up more olive oil appreciation courses in Spain and Greece from 2020.

Our specialist team is based in Malta but the academy also has teaching hubs in Italy, in the eastern Italian region of Marche on the Adriatic and also in Sicily near Catania and also Trapani. In Malta we are very pleased to work closely with small oil producers who are involved in the reintroduction and promotion of the Maltese indigenous olive varieties.

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