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It is believed that the olive tree was introduced in to southern Italy in the 7th Century BC and form there the olive tree spread through the rest of the Italian mainland over the following centuries. Italy is now the second biggest producer of olive oil in the world of which two thirds is classed as extra virgin and Italian olive oil are now considered to be some of the best extra virgin olive oils  that are produced in Europe and the world. Extra virgin olive oil is an essential part of the Italian culture, diet and cuisine and they play a central role in most of the dishes that are found in Italy.

Puglia in the south of Italy accounts for nearly forty percent of olive oil produced in Italy and in total southern Italy produces nearly eighty percent of the total amount of Italian extra virgin olive oil. Tastes vary but some experts believe that olive oil from Tuscany is the finest of Italian extra virgin olive oils but we think that each region produces fantastic olive oils, olive oils form Umbria and Marche are fine delicate oils and southern Italian olive oils are normally more spicy and full of taste.

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