The Mediterranean Olive oil Academy works with producers, supporters and advisers from across the whole Mediterranean region. We have teamed up with professionals who specialise not only in tutoring Extra Virgin Olive Oil appreciation and tasting classes but also are involved with the entire process of making fine extra virgin olive oils. 

They are experts in olive cultivation, olive tree propagation, olive harvesting and finally the production of fine extra virgin olive oils.  Thanks to their help and support we are able to offer to our clients and students a wide range of specialist courses, talks and workshops. We will be adding more advisers as we grow over the coming months and years and we have several Greek and Spanish olive oil producers who now wish to join us at the Academy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster and Producer

Salvatore Romano

Salvatore Romano is the owner of Tasting Sicily - Gusta La Sicilia Srl which produces great taste awarded Sicilian fine food. He is also the Founder of Vita Sicula Srl offering hospitality and olive oil awareness courses to both Italian and foreign public.

He also produce fine Sicilian olive oil and he is an expert olive oil taster and regularly holds olive oil workshops for both amateurs and professionals. He is also Co-Founder of the Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy

Agronomist and Leader of Slow Food Marche

Ugo Pazzi

Dr Ugo Pazzi is a free lance agronomist and collaborates with Slow Food in Italy at national level on many projects linked to education and training. He is a teacher at the Master in Food and Culture Communication at the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo, Italy, and he is an expert in VTA, Visual Tree Assessment. From March 2014 he is also the leader of Slow Food Marche in Italy and from 2018 he is the leader of the Cooperativa dei Sibillini, a cooperative born to help producers that has been hit by the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster and Producer

Andrea Tomassetti

Andrea Tomassetti is the joint owner of Tomassetti Vini in the Marche region of eastern Italy and is a qualified olive oil taster and oil producer. Andrea produces fine organic olive oils and wines with his brother Matteo, they make a blend of oil from local Italian olive varieties and also small amounts of an olive oil made only from the Raggia olive variety which is found in this region of Italy. Andrea has hosted olive oil tasting master classes in both Italy in London and the east of England, his special areas of interest are biodynamic and organic methods of wine and olive oil production.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster and Producer

Lorenzo Polacco

Lorenzo Polacco started his work with olives as a professional pruner, and is certified by Assam Marche. In 2012, following his passion for nature and plants, he became a professional Extra virgin olive oil taster and decided to dedicate himself to produce top quality olive oil.

He also regularly holds olive oil tasting and appreciation courses for the general public and professionals, focused on helping people to understand the differences between olive varieties and also to teach the public how to recognize authentic extra virgin olive oils.

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