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Dolce di Rossano

We are very pleased this year to be able to add a new monovarietal extra virgin olive oil to our expanding range of olive oils despite the difficult international situation in 2020.

The Dolce di Rossano is a lesser known olive variety from the beautiful Calabria region of southern Italy. It is grown in the northern part of the region and it is a very large strong olive tree with an high productivity but this can be very variable from year to year. Even if the productivity one year is quite high per tree, the quantity of oil made from 100 kilograms of olives is still quite low. 

The harvest period is from the second half of September and depending on the weather it can take up to a month to pick all the olives.


We are pleased to work with the Minisci family who have been growing this variety of olive and producing this lovely oil for almost eighty years, the third third generation of the family is now carrying on the family tradition and have converted into a completely organic and energy efficient operation by modern international standards but still keeping the family traditions.


The olives are hand picked and pressed the same day directly by the producer at his mill with cold pressed methods and temperature during the process never exceeding 27 Celsius. Once processed the oil is stored in stainless steel silo with temperature between 10 and 18 Celsius.


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The result is a an extra virgin olive oil with a yellow gold colour along with green reflections and there are hints of fresh almonds, pine nuts, grass and artichokes. The single variety extra virgin organic olive oil is very well balanced, it is lightly fruity with a recognised medium light level, also very slightly bitter and spicy, the olive oil also has a high content of vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant.

Its mild and smooth flavour is perfectly suited as a lovely olive oil to accompany vegetables, fish and poultry.  

We are very lucky to have a limited amount of this lovely extra virgin olive oil for sale to our clients and which we will also be using for tastings and olive oil appreciation classes in the spring and summer of 2021.

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